Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Walking Dead Spread the Dead Contest!

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite graphic novels. It is not shocking that I am very excited about the release of The Walking Dead series on AMC this Halloween.  The Walking Dead will debut at 9pm central time and 10pm Eastern.  It should definately be worth the watch for any zombie fan.

In order to celebrate the release of this wonderful show. I'm spreading the dead.  You can help spread the dead too by clicking on the link below.  By helping partcipate in this fun, you can also enter to win $5,000.  So click here and help spread the dead!

To enter to win the $5000 follow the website links to spread the dead and follow the instructions!  Good luck.  Let me know if you enter too and I'll be sure to share and click on your link as well.  Just post your link in the comments below.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

I have been sadly neglecting this little blog lately.  That is particularly sad, since Halloween is zombie time.   I did take time to see the latest in the Resident Evil movies this weekend, however.   I know.  It is debateable whether or not these films are actually zombie films, but I'm not going to debate that issue now.  I'm just going to say that this movie was everything it possibly could have been.

The Resident Evil movies are not the best zombie movies out there.   They really are very few people's favorites, however,  they are consistent.  From 1-4 they are all equally as good and exactly what you expect.  They are fun action flicks with lots of zombie mayham and  a few extra monsters thrown in for good measure.  I also believe they are some of the best video game based movies out there.   The plot of this latest Resident Evil is a basic zombie plot.  After our heroine kills everyone at an umbrella company base,  she goes looking for her friends from Resident Evil 3.  She finds one and they fly to LA together where they enter a prison besieged by zombies just in time to help them escape from a new breed of burrowing zombies.   They find a ship that looks like salvation, but turns out to be Umbrella Company and monster madnes and  people that are worse than monsters show down against our heros.  It is a very predicatable plot, but it is lots of fun and there is enough action and blood t make it worth a watch.