Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dead Next Door

I'm going to be completely honest.  I fell asleep half way through this movie.  It wasn't too terrible.  I've certainly seen worse.  The premise was actually kind of interesting,  although the acting was horrible.  This is a zombie movie set in a not so distant future in which the living dead are among us.   A zombie squad, which is hated by a cult of zombie loving religious freaks, is assigned with the task of keeping the citizens safe from growing hordes of zombies.

This movie was produced by Sam Raimi, whom I usually love, and released in 1988.  It was shot on 8mm film and has a grainy quality that makes it seem more iinteresting than it actually is.  It is gory and violent and the effects are good.  I really should have loved this film.  Sam Raimi and the living dead are a great combination.  I felt, however, this movie was a big disappointment.  It just lacked qualities that would make me care.  I think it was the characters.  In order for me to care if people live or die,  I have to believe they are real and find them at least a little interesting.  This moving didn't make me do that.  I guess blood and guts and zombie effects aren't enough sometimes.  I fell asleep.  I had a good nap, however.  I know some zombie lovers adore this film and I certainly don't hate it.  I just found it sleepy.


  1. damn shame. i must admit to being a hardcore undead fan, and do kinda expect a bit of greatness from raimi no matter what he does. i will admit u got me wanting to watch it off the 8mm grain effect u mentioned. i dig movies with an 'older' feel about them, like the processing Tobe Hooper used on TCM, or even the new Texas indie film 'I Didn't Come Here to Die'. but i do agree a great director + half decent story /= quality film if the acting blows. bummer...

  2. You might like it. I hate to be so hard on it because I really want to like it. Maybe I just slept trough te parts where the acting is good and the characters are interesting.